Waving Boredom Goodbye: Beaches to Visit in Cuba

Cuba is a country not only known for its beautiful vintage cars and cigars, it’s also known for its breath-taking beaches. Coastlines that resemble sugar powder and crystal clear, emerald colored waters; these are the perfect words to describe the island-nation’s beautiful beaches.

But that’s not that’s to them. There’s a reason why Cuban beaches are ranked top in the world.

They’re not like the average beaches around the world. They’re brimming with marine life; different species of fishes and sand decorated with sea shells make Cuban coastlines a sight-to-see.

If you’re planning a holiday to Cuba, you simply can’t miss these beaches when you visit:

Playa Turquesa 

The literal translation is ‘turquoise beach’.

This is one of Cuba’s most popular tourist spots. The gold-colored sand and the aqua-colored waters that are cool and crystal clear, make this beach perfect for families with kids. Not only will you have fun with your family, you will have complete privacy as well. Perfect for those who want family time to be a quiet and relaxing experience.

The beach also has its own mangrove forest which makes it undiscoverable.

Varadero Beach

Varadero is the resort to visit in Cuba, whether you’re visiting with family or your friends. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and also one of the most popular tourist spots in the country.

Several restaurants and cafés surround the beach resort so you don’t have to worry about being bored. Furthermore, the beautiful emerald-colored waters and white, gorgeous sand make it perfect for some photography sessions. You can make your summer holiday selfies fun, exciting and interesting with a glimpse of Varadero in the background.

If you want to spend your holiday indulging in the beauty of Cuba, this is one of the spots to visit.

Playa Pilar

If you’re someone who enjoys a quiet place, Playa Pilar is the beach to go to. This beach is named after Ernest Hemmingway’s yacht, Pilar. This place was also the author’s favorite hideout when he wanted to relax.

It is without any doubt, one of the best beaches in the cay, if not in Cuba.

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