Vacationing in Paradise – Learn about Your Havana Trip

Vacationing in Paradise – Learn about Your Havana Trip

While researching for your weekend tour in Havana, you may find sources guiding you on where to eat, sleep, stay and dance.

Why not use this opportunity to learn about the culture and mannerisms of Havana.

Vacationing in Havana – An Experienced Opinion

Common Courtesy is Expected

This means extra pleases, thank yous, notes, hugs and personal interactions. Cubans are old school. If you want to establish trust, you will need to show them that you’re willing to connect with them. Treat them like family. Be nice and maintain eye contact when you talk. They’ll only show more care through their gestures.

Don’t Talk Politics

Although you may be tempted to start a political conversation; don’t.

Cubans consider it impolite and invasive if you start harping about their political situation without taking their environment into account. They know that things are run quite differently in their country. So there’s no need to brag about your home base if they don’t want to hear it.

You Might Have Credit Card Issues in Havana

Havana doesn’t have credit card machines. And the ATMs don’t work for American cards since U.S. doesn’t allow such cards to work in Cuba. Bring cash and avoid all the hassle. Reserve an amount for each day and bring some extra money along so your funds don’t fall short.

Don’t Just Stick to Habana Vieja

While Habana Vieja is beautiful, you can’t disregard the rest of Havana. Many local areas such as Vedado and Miramar are gorgeous and offer a lot of great restaurants and galleries as well. So you may have a better chance of sticking to those locations if you want a destination that keeps your entertained and your tummy full.

The Locals will Compliment You

Especially the men!

Cuban men are very chivalrous. When Cubans compliment you, they genuinely think you are gorgeous. It’s just a part of their culture.

However, if you feel unsafe, understand that the men there will also be the first to keep you secure. In fact, many will accompany you as well if you go anywhere late at night.

So here’s some information that may help you prepare for your Cuba trip.

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