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Places to Visit during Cuba Vacations

Havana is a wonderful place that seems to be stuck in time. Nowhere else in the world can you see cars from the 1950s still used on the road. Cuba has captivated the interest of people around the globe. Everyone is curious how Cubans live despite being isolated for a long time, and that’s why a lot of people want to go on Cuba tours.


Cuba vacations are filled with interesting people and places. Your Cuba travel will surely be worth your time. You might even be tempted to extend your stay in the island nation in order to visit places that you didn’t manage to go to, or were not part of your tour.


The best thing about Cuba is that there are places that are only a couple of minutes away from Havana. Below are some of the out-of-town destinations that will make your Cuba vacations more memorable.




Jibacoa is a coastal area that is a must-visit during Cuba tours. It is just an hour away from Havana. The coastal area has several beaches and features that include cliffs and caves. The best thing about Jibacoa is that tourists have not discovered it yet. One of the best spots in the fishing village is the Playa de los Artistas, which is a secluded beach known to be the best snorkeling spots in the country. Other activities that you can do in the village include caving, hiking, and enjoying the sun.


Soroa and Las Terrazas


Soroa and Las Terrazas are two small communities found in the western part of Cuba. They are also just an hour away from Havana. They are accessible to most Cuba tours and provide visitors with a place to relax and unwind for a day or two. Because it is near the mountains, the air is fresh in the area.


Soroa is home to an orchid garden and research station that has more than 700 species of orchids. The best time to visit the town is between December and March. That’s when the flowers bloom.


Las Terrazas is the perfect destination for nature lovers during Cuba vacations. There you can find a zipline canopy tour that starts from the hotel and goes over the village. While there, you can also visit the ruins of various French coffee plantations.


Playas del Este


Playas del Este is just a 20 minute drive away from Havana and is one of the most popular Cuba travel destinations. There are more than a dozen beaches in the area, and all of them feature fine white sand. One of the most popular beaches is the Santa Maria del Mar, which has the cleanest and finest sand. Keep in mind that the Playas del Este can get really crowded during the summer months, especially during the weekends.


These are the top destinations that you should consider during Cuba tours. The island nation has a lot more to offer than the places featured on this list. You can consult with a people to people tours provider to find out the out places to visit in Cuba.





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