5 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Cuba

As an underestimated tourist destination, Cuba is somewhat of a mystery, especially to those who haven’t traveled much. And while a search on Google presents you with some information, there isn’t exactly a guide telling you exactly what a trip to Cuba entails.

Here’s what you need to know…

Cuba is known for its vibrant culture and equally beautiful landscapes. But to enjoy it all, you need to know some details so you can plan your trip properly.

1. You Need to Plan Well

You might want to think twice if you’re planning a spontaneous getaway. Although there are relaxations in travel restrictions to Cuba, you can’t simply list “I need to lie on a beach and drink mojitos” as your reason for visit.

Americans traveling to Cuba travel under 12 visa categories so you may need assistance from a travel agency like ours to work your way through the paperwork and technicalities.

2. Use a Reliable Search Engine for Flights to Cuba

Finding affordable flights to Cuba can be difficult. Many search results offer information on flights leaving the US but they will warm you that you can only buy them if you have a visa. In addition, they’re also quite expensive so that can be problematic as well.

Groups Plus Flight offers complete information on deals and prices for flights to Cuba and other destinations as well. So you’ll have no problems choosing the best option according to your budget.

3. Tours are a Better Option

3.Tours are a Better Option

If you want to have a problem-free trip, buy a tour before coming to Cuba. Travelling during your vacation can be a hassle, especially if you’re coming to Cuba to relax. By choosing a tour, you’ll have the luxury of seeing everything Cuba has to offer without particularly searching for it.

However, you can choose to explore as well if you’re willing to travel by foot or public transport.

4. You Need to Tell Your Bank You’re Travelling to Cuba

Otherwise you might get your bank account frozen!

The U.S. does not allow any American to pay or withdraw money using a debit or credit card in Cuba. So you may benefit by simply bringing cash along with you, since Cuba is a cash economy. However, don’t get your dollars exchanged. Instead, bring Euros or British Pounds from the U.S. and have those exchanged instead, since the U.S. Dollar gets charged a 10% fee in addition to the exchange rate.

5. Learning Spanish will help

Locals are way friendlier to those tourists who at least show that they’re making an effort to connect with their country. Remember; you’re going for the Cuban experience.

Hopefully, the above information should provide you with enough details to plan your trip to Cuba without any hassle.