Pack These Four Essentials for Your Trip to Cuba!

Plan Your Trip to Cuba!

Cuba isn’t like your garden variety tourist destination. Gorgeous, vibrant and bursting with culture, Cuba offers all the fun under the sun, and more!

And to enjoy that fully, you need a whole list of essentials.

Now, we’re not going to list the usual passport-mosquito-repellent-tissues-antibacterial-soaps.

Instead, we’re providing you with a short list of items that other travelers have found to be useful, so you get some real advice, based on experience!

Here’s What You Need

Comfy Shoes

You could go the easy way and just travel everywhere by car. But if you really want to explore Cuba, the best way to do so is on foot. However, that may be a problem if you’ve only brought high heels or formal shoes along with you. Understand that the cobblestone streets of Havana are no place for frivolous footwear. So buy comfy shoes like flats or sneakers that keep your feet protected.

A Light Scarf

A scarf is probably the most versatile and useful item for your Cuba trip. Tropical locations such as Cuba can get chilly at night or when you’re at the beach. A scarf serves as a great mode of protection against the cool winds. And makes you look good too. It’s a win-win situation!

Skin Protection

Skin Protection

A light sunscreen just doesn’t cut it.

You’ll be walking in the sun on the hot streets of Cuba for hours at a time. You need gear that would keep you protected, not just from the harsh rays of the sun, but also smoke and pollution.

Go to the doctor ahead of your trip and ask them to prescribe an extra-strength sunscreen that suits your skin. You don’t need to have an adverse reaction to the product.

An Extra Tote Bag

Never underestimate the importance of an extra tote bag! Although you may have succeeded in packing everything you needed while going, remember that you’ll be bringing back a lot of souvenirs.

Add two totes (preferably foldable) to your suitcase when you begin packing and use it to store all your bought items during the trip. This way, everything will remain organized and you’ll only have to pay for the checked bag when you go home.

Plan Your Trip to Cuba!

Before you pack up and leave for this wondrous country, wait and consider your travelling options. For a place like Cuba, you need an exclusive tour so you can visit all the must-see spots and hidden gems the country possesses.

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