Live it up at Oktoberfest in Cuba, with style! Our Oktoberfest travel package includes a 5 night itinerary full of dancing, live music, exclusive parties, outdoor activities, and a whole lot of beer.

Sip on cocktails, chug down your mead, dance at the disco, and enjoy some down time at the beach—all in one fun-filled Oktoberfest tour!


5th OKTOBERFEST International Beer Festival at Meliá Cuba

From $485 per person Doube Room for 5 Nights

Adults only

Minimum stay: 5 nights


- Oktoberfest themed dishes in the à la carte restaurants

- Beer-based cocktails in the Lobby bar

- Plus


15:00 hrs.Welcome party with live music, cocktails and a wide range of cuisine
16:00 hrs.Introduction to the hotel management and the entertainment team
16:30 hrs.Presentation of the OKTOBERFEST Programme
17:00 hrs.With dancing
21:30 hrs.Grand gala night


11:00 hrs.- Band to kick off the event
- Volleyball tournament on the beach
- Crazy darts game
12:00 hrs.Dance classes accompanied by live music
12:30 hrs.Bear shooter game
15:00 hrs.Opening with live music
15:30 hrs.Treasure hunt and pool volleyball
16:30 hrs.Hammer striking game
17:00 hrs.Throwing hoops over beer bottles
21:30 hrs.Water ballet in the pool
22:30 hrs.Pool party


12:15-14:20 hrs.- Opening with a music group
- Cuban conga
- Performance by a theatre group
- Show with cast
- Music group
- Show with cast
- Music group
- Cuban conga special
- Farewell to the Cuban Conga
15:30 hrs.Cuban games: drinking beer through straws, and bowling with beers.
15:00 hrs.Cuban cocktail-making classes: cocktail competition
16:20 hrs.Sack relay holding a beer
16:00 hrs.Rural minishow
16:45 hrs.Beer table tennis
18:30 hrs.Cuban dinner
20:00 hrs.Cuban conga through the hotel
21:30 hrs.Grand Cuban night
23:00 hrs.Fancy-dress party (bring your own costume)


11:00 hrs.Opening with live music
11:30 hrs.Boccia with beer
12:00 hrs.Game: hot dog eating contest
12:30 hrs.Dance classes accompanied by live music
15:00 hrs.- Special beer and food festival event with typical German and Cuban dishes
- Game: recognising beers blindfolded
16:00 hrs.Beer pyramid game
16:45 hrs.Grand raffle
17:00 hrs.Oktoberfest dancing to live music
21:30 hrs.Foam party


11:00 hrs.- Band to kick off the event
- Volleyball on the beach
11:30 hrs.Minigolf with beer
11:45 hrs.Beer drinking game with spoons
12:15 hrs.Dance contest with live music
15:00 hrs.Opening with live music
15:30 hrs.Treasure chest game
16:15 hrs.Oktoberfest games: beer race, swimming with beer and archery with beer
17:00 hrs.Dance classes accompanied by live music
21:30 hrs.International Latin Show
22:30 hrs.Awarding of prizes for those with the highest overall scores in the Oktoberfest games, with one week's free stay at Meliá Las Antillas. Awarding and crowning of the King and Queen of Beer 2015 and prize for the most popular.
23:00 hrs.Fun night at the disco


21:30 hrs.Party on the beach