Bon Appetite: Foods You Need to Try When in Cuba

One of the first places we want to visit when we’re planning a holiday abroad is the eateries in our booked destination. Countries are mainly known for the type of cuisine they have. India is known for its spicy cuisine, Italy is known for its spaghetti and pizza, and France is known for its desserts.When it comes to Cuban cuisine, there’s so much variety that you would want to try several dishes at the time! If you’re planning a trip this year, here’s what you need to know:

Eat According to the Season

While this applies to any country, it’s important to choose the type of dish locals eat during different seasons. Since the months of December-February are cold, having special broth and soups during these seasons will help keep your warm. Cuban coffee is another exquisite beverage you need to try.

But it’s equally important to try your hand at the popular dishes locals eat throughout the year. Here are a few of them:

Vaca Frita

Vica frita literally translates to ‘fried cow’. Those who love eating meat will find this dish a delicious delicacy. Marinated in lime juice and garlic paste, this dish is perfect if you want something similar to steak but with a tangy twist.


A frita is like a Cuban hamburger. It’s a bun with a meaty, juice mince patty that has flavorful twist, served with chorizo and crispy French fries on top.

Shrimps in Coconut Sauce

This dish originates from Baracoa, the food capital of Cuba. It’s perfect for those who love seafood. It is prepared using coconut milk, tomato paste and a mixture of local spices that also includes garlic.

It’s creamy, delicious and must-have dish when you’re visiting Cuba. Your trip will be incomplete without trying this scrumptious traditional dish.

Roast Chicken

This roast chicken is unlike the one served outside of Cuba. It is not an ordinary type of dish. Popular in Trinidad—a small town in Cuba—this dish consists of chicken, roasted and left to be slowly cooked inside a pot, with a thick tomato taste and various spices. A must-have if you visit Trinidad!

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