When Is The Best Time to Visit Cuba?

When planning a trip anywhere around the world—even if it’s another city—we tend to base our decision on how the weather is going to be for the next few months. After that, we decide whether or not we want to make the trip.

If you’re planning to visit Cuba this year, it may be difficult deciding when to go. Should you plan your trip around winters or should you visit during the summers?

When’s the Best Time to Visit?

The answer to this question depends entirely on what you want to experience during your trip.

Cuba has a tropical and warm climate. This means that when you’re visiting during the months of December and May, you will find the weather to be sunny, dry, with clear skies.

The monsoon season begins in June and July so for those who want to experience the rainy weather of Cuba, the best time to visit is during these months.

However, it’s best to avoid visiting during August to October. This is because there are hurricane warnings during this time of the year.

Visiting Cuba during the months of November and April is also an option because this when there is a lot of sunshine. The weather is pleasant and the air is a little dry but not humid.

But it’s good to pre-plan your trip at least 9 months before you decide to book a flight. This can help you gather all the important information you need to know about the places you will be visiting and where you will be staying. Make sure the preparations don’t just include the places you want to visit. You should look into hotels as well, to know how accommodation works.

But if you wish to visit during the months of December – February, it’s imperative to plan at least a year in advance. This is so you’re well-prepared for the winters, which can be dry.

Make sure to pack lightly, no matter which season you visit in. This is because when you will be shopping, you will end up having an extra suitcase. Pack a few t-shirts and at least 4-5 jeans. This is for when you visit during summers. But if you visit during winters, make sure to have at least 2 sweaters and 2 hoodies. The important clothing you should not forget is socks. These will keep you warm; carry at least 4 pairs.

The weather can get cold during the night when it’s winters so you can also pack a sweatshirt or a light jacket.

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